W8XG's PiGate Case
Customized 3D printed Cases for: Mark Griffith's KD0QYN PiGate

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Std.Pi3.Case Std.(Pi3/TNC) Std.Pi3.Case Std.Pi3.Case Std.Pi3/Case. .Ext.Fan.Pi3 .Internal..fan Display.Case.1 Display.Boards..Ver_A left....Ver_B right


W8XG is pleased to print 3D cases for the PiGate community as designed by KD0QYN Mark Griffith. All cases are for the typical Pi 3 and 1200 baud TNC-PI from Coastal Chipworks. The TNC-Pi 9K6 case design requires a change in the dimensions, and is not yet available.

I make three cases; 1)Standard.$25, 2)Extended fan.$29 3)Extended Display.$29. (Shipping is $5 each). The cases are customized, with Name and Call Sign on the sides and PiGate on the end (RMS PiGate on display version).

Colors available are: Black, Silver, Blue, Red and White

It typically takes about a week to get a case produced and mailed (USPS), depending on the backlog (it takes about 14 hrs to print) and then there is my "real" work.

The extended and display cases have space for a 30x30x7 mm fan. You can them pick up on Amazon. Note these are only 7mm thick and a 10mm is too thick.

I don't do "custom" cases or "one off's". They consume too much design time and trial and error to fit.

Finally if you are ordering a RMS display case (three board stack) there are two versions of that lcd board (just to confuse the issue), as shown above. The original has a long full header (Type 3A). The version 3B has a shorter header and it's shifts the display board about 6mm forward, extending the length of the case and lid. It's best to have your unit build and identify which unit you have, before ordering the case. All of the cases have 4 internal plastic "studs". Pick up some 4-40 machine screws or 2.5mm fastners. They will nicely tap the holes in the studs in the case to mount the boards. In a typical two board setup, I us a short screw and mount the Pi to one hole. Then I use two 7/8" screws to mount thru to other holes. You don't need 4 fasteners. In a 3 board case. You probably want one or two fasteners thru two boards and then another thru all three. You may also need a spacer to hold the third board level. As set of machine screws and spacers for computer hardware will come in handy for a 3 board setup.

The A type is Adafruit product 2441 here, which I use https://www.adafruit.com/product/2441

(note: I only ship to the continental US. International shipping and custom forms cost more than the case, making shipping prohibitive.)

Update Dec 1, 2019: The Pi 4 is out. All cases shipped as of Dec 1 2019 work with both the Pi 3 and 4. The "4" has two hdmi ports on the side. The openings have been moved to work with both the old and new cases. The pi 4 does run quite hot and really needs a fan. I recomend the Type 2 and Type 3 as they have fan space, but not the Type 1.

Please order from: bparker@pwg.net .....with PiGate in the subject line (I'll reply with my "real" email) ..... and the following:

1) Case type, 1(std) 2(extended fan) 3(extended display ver-A or ver-B) (note: the Version B has a 26 pin header and is shifted off the end of the board, requiring a longer case/lid)

2) Lettering (name as you want printed First Last or just First, call sign, etc). Note std layout is First Last on one side, Call the other, and PiGate or RMS PiGate on the end.

3) Color

4) Shipping address (if not QRZ address will be used)

You will get an reply from my "real" email (this one gets spammed a lot) with instruction for mailing a check or sending a PayPal payment.

Below is a attachment battery add on I've developed.

I have in development an add on battery case holder for all the cases. It uses a "Anker PowerCore II" 10000 mAh battery. Here is a Amazon link. The battery is perfectly size to work with the PiGate cases. The concept is you remove your existing lid and snap in the replacement lid that is both a lid and battery holder. It uses the same two side clips. You don't have to replace your case. I'm tweaking this for the initial standard (1) PiGate, and Extended (2) cases. The cable for power snakes thru the cases, with the excess curled up above the TNC board. Tests resulted in 24 hours of time. This makes for a very self contained and power setup for deployment.

The screen versions of the cars (RMS) are a little more complicated as the lid needs the opening for the screen. However there are two holes existing on the bottom of the case and I've developed a battery case which has "split" posts that you push up thru the holes, and then secure by shoving in a small pin, wedging it apart.

Battery cases are $10. Shipping is $5. Combined shipping with a picase is $8.